Monday, June 23, 2014

Mister Freedom Board Shorts

New Mister Freedom Board Shorts! I bought a pair of these a few weeks back and couldn't be happier with them. The fit and length is dead on and they are super comfortable. Here are a few pics, more picks and to order click here!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random update photos



                                      COMSTOCK MINER CANDLESTICK HOLDER


                                 1800'S MINER CHEST HAIR PULLED FROM HENLEY

                                                              1901 LEVI BUTTON

                                                            LOWER 48 T-SHIRT

                                                            VIKTOR'S AB EFELTS

                                    MIKE TRYING ON 1800'S DENIM FOR A SHOOT

Saturday, March 8, 2014

update soon sorry!

                                                          photo by Fredrik Ottorson

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Buzz Rickson N3-B Jacket

I bought this jacket a few years ago as a birthday gift to myself. It remains one of my favorite and most useful jackets.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Myers and Myers vintage Powell inspired overalls

Myers and Myers vintage Powell inspired overalls. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


The hooligans and misfits behind Bandit Photographer, Old North and W.H. Ranch Dungarees have defied logic, abandoned all good senses and banded together to form The Lower 48.  The first collaboration of it's kind between a jean maker, a photographer and a store front.  The collection will primarily focus on work wear inspired clothing with a nod to the style of the Old West. The centerpiece of this collaboration is the called the Roughneck, a double kneed, workwear inspired dungaree made from premium Japanese Selvage denim.  Standard features include:
  • Bench-Made Single-Needle Construction
- one man, one pair of jeans at a time from start to finish.

  • Riser Seams in favor of standard machined felled seams add extra durability
 - a popular technique on turn of the century work wear.

  • Triple stitch, single-needle
  • Black Kuroki Mills (Japan) 15oz Sanforized Pink Line Selvage
  • Double Knee panel for extra durablility
  • Side slant entry pockets
  • Utility pocket
  • Self-enclosed components
 - each piece of these Dungarees are a product in themselves. (No raw fabric edges or overlocked edges.)
  • Heavy 10oz. drill cloth pocket bags (Made in USA)

  • Heavy Tex 80 cotton/poly thread (Made in USA)

  • Roped Hems

  • YKK Pure Copper Buttons (Made in USA)

  • Pure Copper hand-set rivets and burrs (Made in USA)

  • Tacked back pockets for added durability and strength
  • Hand branded hair on hide label

  • Extra-heavy belt loops

  • Keyhole buttonholes set with a vintage Reece 101
  • Standard 37" inseams
 - custom inseams upon request
Click here to view the complete gallery of the Roughnecks being put through the ringer on a seven day excursion in the desert.  All photos courtesy of Bandit Photographer (
Because these jeans are made per your specifications on size it is vitally important that you measure your true waist with a tape measure and refer to the chart, as these cannot be returned. 
Pre-orders begin on Dec. 26.  Limited Edition and numbered.  Production time will vary between 1-3 weeks starting Jan. 1st. as these are made to order.

To order the pants click here!