Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick trip to Cali and some mines.

     This trip was packed with adventure. We had all types of pleasant surprises. First night out we had a great sandstorm, the next day was miserable, our eyes were swollen all day and felt like scratchy goop was trapped in them. Other than the storm it was beautiful out, we had a full moon and it was the Super moon. We took lots of fun photos in the moonlight and even had a ringtail visit our camp and eat some of our food when we were on the top of the hill taking photos. One of the mines we visited was full of bats which didn't want us to leave the mine. We went way up in the mountains and visited four old log cabins from the 1800's and turn of the century. While up there we found a old stamp mill and some really wet mines. We found a pair of awesome pants on the trip which have a very unique history to be revealed in the future in Mike and Charla Harris's new book. The trip ended with a visit from friends from Levi Vintage Clothing. Incredible little trip. Thanks again to Mike and Charla Harris for an awesome time. 

 Super Moon Light 

photo by Charla Harris

                                            Small clip of bats not letting us out of the mine.

                                           Russ taking a break from the sandstorm.

                                                       Flat masking tape didn't hold.

                                                              sandstorm eyes

                                                              eyes swollen from sand.

LVC Triple Pleat 

                                                          Warehouse Duck Diggers

                                                                  Old stamp mill

Great to see Eric on this trip. 

                                                          1870's book illustration

Special find. 

                                                                Pants dirt shroud

                                          Levi Vintage Clothing Crew and Buckers


anothergloriousbattle said...

Great selection of photos from your recent expedition. Are you wearing Merrell gore tex hiking shoes in the photo towards the end?

They look similar to a pair of hiking shoes I own. Not as good looking as a pair of Red Wings, but extremely comfortable and practical, though unfortunately made in China

anothergloriousbattle said...
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Banditphotographer said...

Yes they are Merrell. Definitely not as good looking as a pair of Red Wings but 100% more practical when hiking in the desert and up mountains.

Francesca Salvati said...

Love these ones