Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy B-Day Heath!!!!!!!

One of my Best Friends Birthdays is today! Happy B-Day Heath!!! Have a great Birthday and I am super jealous of your weekend in PS. You and Sarah Mia enjoy it! Thanks for being an amazing friend and enjoy the book!!! Click here for reference.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Stuff update

Back to Ohio! Marco Island was fun, always great to spend time with the Family. Thanks again Mom and Dad for having us again. Couple weeks to take it easy then back to chaos. I received the Black Mulholland in the mail and my dad took a couple snaps. I started to wax the jacket and it is looking great so far. Very subtle look once the wax is heated into it. The other photos are some detail shots of the farm. Also included a photo of Brooke LaValley who helped me shoot the Leftfield Lookbook! Thanks again Brooke!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On vacation now in Flordia with the Family. I had a really relaxing Birthday and Happy B day as well to Ernest and Jay! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Still waiting on my birthday gift to myself which will arrive on Thursday. Keeping it a tradition every year now. The look book made it to selectism, click here for the article. Also included 2 photos from my walk on the beach. Other one is with Christophe and Katherine at the shop. (The original is in 3D (from the Fuji W-1) but there is no way to show it in 3D, 3D lenticular prints will arrive in around 3 weeks)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Left Field NYC Lookbook

Brooke LaValley, Chuck Hootman and I headed out last weekend to shoot the Fall 2010 Lookbook for Left Field Clothing ran by Christian McCann. Really cool workwear and sportswear still made in the USA. Sam Pollock hooked us up with a really cool location on the Ring's Farm. The Theme of the book is: After 11 years of American made clothing, Left Field recently took advantage of the snowy winter to shoot their look book with some American Labor-workers in the Mid-West. If you like any of the gear you can buy some at these places: