Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing Reads! Jeans of the Old West by Mike Harris!

Some amazing reads to pick up. The first is Jeans of the Old West by Mike Harris. If you are into vintage denim and clothing, this is one book you need in your collection. To get a copy of this book email: or visit Mikes site by clicking here. One of the best and most informative books I have ever picked up. The other book is an older book called:The Klondike Quest. Other photos are of some pick axes I picked up this weekend at the Flea Market.

Monday, May 9, 2011


So I am not that big of a candle guy but I picked up one of these candles and I was amazed. The company is Modern Alchemy. The packaging and number of incredible scents that don't smell all girly and like perfume is great. The one I received was called Salem (new england maple, Hickory and walnut are set ablaze in a ravenous bonfire consuming the imagination) The other ones I want to try are Tincture of Winchester (fire arsenal of wood stock , 19th century lacquer and smoky gunpowder), opium den, boston tea party, and secret society. Great illustrations on the candles and great glass just top it off. Check them out for yourself, click here. Also some photos of Mister Freedom Riders and project teases.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mister Freedom Chemise Calico

MISTER FREEDOM® x SUGAR CANE Spring 2011 Collection “Les Apaches”: The long-awaited for MFSC CHEMISE CALICO is here!

Elegant shirting is a large part of our MFSC Apaches collection, and without further ado, we introduce the chemise calico in two versions: An indigo blue Calico and a white Calico. Inspired by late 1800’s European cotton printed shirting fabrics and several vintage swatches from MF® Archives, we went back to early techniques of discharge printing to produce these textiles in Japan.

All original MFSC pattern, inspired by early European shirting.
FABRIC: All cotton fancy Broadcloth, 3.5 oz. Exclusively woven and printed in Japan for MFSC. Limited run.
A) Indigo dyed base, discharge calico print.
B) White base, indigo calico print.
BUTTONS:Authentic French 1900’s-1930’s New Old Stock glass buttons, also referred to as boutons Briare, because of their regional origin (Finding them in France was a real wild goose chase…)
* Original MFSC pocketing
* Full button front with secure “belly flap”.
* Lower button placket tab to secure shirt to trousers waist button. (there is a photo of Amedeo Modigliani out there, sporting one of those traditional shirting tabs…)
* Back yoke passe-cravate, to keep scarf or tie in place.
* Back panel and cuff early shirting traditional shearing.
* French style gussets.
* Collar and button placket facing with indigo dyed solid popeline.
* Original woven MFSC rayon labeling and sizing tab.
CONSTRUCTION: Tailor type single needle french seams, no overlock nor chainstitch. 100% Cotton thread, extra high stitch count.
PACKAGING: The shirts come in an individual old school chipboard box, exclusive to MF.
The original oil painting was masterfully executed by Mr. PATRICK SEGUI of RIVETED blog fame, and a paper print of his artwork will be featured on the Apache Collection box tops.
SIZING: All the Apache shirting is sized/labelled in french.
35(Xsmall), 37 (small), 39 (medium), 41 (large), 43 (Xlarge), 45 (XXlarge)
SHRINKAGE: Both fabric options are RAW and unwashed, and will shrink lightly with cold wash/hang dry.