Monday, September 29, 2008

Borman Wedding

I photographed a wedding this weekend. Probably the last one ever. I really get stressed out during weddings. I did this one because Jay and Jen are friends. I heard the Borman's were know for planning and designing stuff, but the wedding was top notch. Definitely, this wedding and Heath and Sarah Mia's have been my two favorite weddings that I have attended and photographed. The wedding was 40's themed. I don't think I have ever worked and shot that much ever, Saturday, I shot from around 2:30 till 12:30 straight, putting down the camera for about 15 minutes the whole time to eat (which the food was great). But I think it was well worth it, I got tons of great photos. Not to mention the Cookout from the night before which I shot over 800 photographs as well. I will be posting a couple more soon. Still busy finishing up other stuff and trying to rest up. Thanks again Jay and Jen!

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