Thursday, February 12, 2009

Honestly Dolphins

Honestly, so far this vacation has been great. Lots of great seafood and cool restaurants (not the usual places like Wendy's, China Express, ect). I had some amazing Ruffy a couple nights ago that I would've never had in Ohio. Today my parents took us to Cape Coral to swim with the Dolphins. I was one of the only ones not wearing a wetsuit which for some odd reason upset a lot of people. I am glad I didn't because the water felt perfect and I didnt't feel restricted at all. My mom loves Dolphins and it was great to see her super happy. Then we went to a Tiki Bar for a sec and this lady had a cool pet Iguana. Thanks to my Dad and Mom for pushing me to go take some photos, I like the first one posted and the akwardness. Then it was off to South Beach where we ate at Ocean's 10. South Beach was cool but way too many crappy Affliction shirts, (the new Von Dutch/Ed Hardy craze), DB's and tramp stamps. Lots of fun to people watch there though.

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