Monday, January 3, 2011

RoyxCONE Denim contest Jeans

Happy New Year!!! Incredible Christmas with the family and friends. The new year starts off with a new denim contest. 30 of us lucky ones got into the contest. The contest was put together by Paul Trynka, Roy6, Mr.Switch, and Almost Nice from Superfuture put the contest together. Link on all the info is click here. Thanks a ton to my buddy Eric and Alicia for the amazing Christmas gift, a Emerson Knife!!!!!


Yesfiber said...

Hey, I wonder how is ur mister freedom "Midnight" P-jacket look like now?! I saw u pots one before. I own one by my self but it still in "raw". Since I really love the style here, I wish you could share ur experience with it. I suppose it worth an article, ha :)

By Terry

Matt Strickland said...

Nice looking denim!

SKOLK69 said...

nice Emerson brother the commander
is my favorite